Whitebox Boulevardier 100ml

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A.B.V. 22%

The classic cocktail premixed and served in a handy single serve can! Made from vodka, lime and triple sec. For the full cosmo experience, pour into a chilled cocktail glass with a lime wheel or orange peel orange

Bourbon Whiskey, Italian Bitter Aperitif, Sweet Vermouth, Orange Zest

On paper, a boulevardier is a classic variation of the negroni, using the same ingredients apart from gin which is substituted for American bourbon whiskey. 

In reality it is so much more than that. While the negroni is famed for its crisp and bright bitterness, its darker moodier cousin is rich, complex and indulgent.  This also transforms the occasion.  A negroni would fit right in as a  pre-dinner aperitif on a summer’s day, whereas the boulevardier would be better suited to a late night lounge on a cold winter night. 

Drink chilled from the can, or pour into a nick & nora or rocks glass with orange peel garnish. 

Alcohol Content % : 22.0
Bottle Size :
Country Of Origin : Scotland