Morey- Saint -Denis Monts Luisants

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ABV 13%

First mentioned as far back as 1120, fourteenth century Morey was a place of asylum for Cistercian monks who appeared to have possessed numerous vineyards and even a winery by 1306. The appellation extends from Chambolle-Musigny to Gevrey-Chambertin and covers around 148 hectares, 20% of which are planted with grapes for white wines. It is unclear where "Les Monts Luisants" name came from. Perhaps it is due to the fact that, in this vineyard parcel, the leaves of the vines are yellow and do not turn red. And in harvest time you can still see in the vineyards at nightfall, due to the luminosity of the leaves!

The top of the hill of Morey-Saint-Denis, very calcareous, is occupied by several first growths whose "Luisants Monts", north, towering some 350 meters above sea level. The vines are planted on fossil stones in a very steep slope.


Alcohol Content % : 13.0
Producer : Domaine Michel Magnien
Features :
Grape Variety : Pinot Noir
Region : Burgundy
Country Of Origin : France