El Circo Malabarista Macabeo

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ABV 13 % Grandes Vinos y Viñedos S.A. was founded in 1997 and focus on quality, innovation and commitment to the surroundings and the enviroment and striving for modern, new working systems and better control of all the processes right from the vine stock, creating unique wines with a great character, typical of the region. The Winery and its vineyards are geographically located in the heart of the Cariñena Denominación de Origen, Appellation of Origin, one of Spain's most traditional wineproducing regions. Wines have been produced from selected vineyards located on mountain slopes in the heart of Cosuenda at 600m altitude. Short bush vines on unirrigated land benefit from 7 months of the 'Cierzo' wind. Grapes ripens more slowly, allowing all their potential to be fulfilled. Tasting notes: The juggler, endowed with the virtues of elegance and concentration, in the big top he represents a wine born of the choicest Macabeo grapes, in a circus style event full of colour and aromas

Alcohol Content % : 13.0
Producer : Grandes Vinos
Features :
Grape Variety : Macabeo
Region :
Country Of Origin : Spain