Wild Turkey Bourbon 101 Proof 700ML

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ABV 50.5%
Uncompromising since 1855, Wild Turkey is the Real Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whisky. Using only natural processes, Wild Turkey products are aged in new white oak barrels which give them a deep russet color while carrying full flavors of vanilla and smooth caramel. Complementing the classic Wild Turkey 101 Bourbon, several variations of the brand now exist including Rare Breed, Kentucky Spirit, American Honey, and Russell’s Reserve. Using the same tried and true methods with a little bit of innovation, Wild Turkey is a true American icon, always bearing the mantle of tradition with grace and a noble heritage.
Master Distiller and Kentucky Bourbon Hall of Famer Jimmy Russell started at Wild Turkey in 1954 where he followed in his grandfather’s and father’s footsteps in the bourbon distillery business. Under Jimmy’s care and vision, Wild Turkey has introduced several new Wild Turkey Bourbons over the years, including, Wild Turkey Rare Breed, Russell’s Reserve, Wild Turkey Straight Rye Whiskey, and recently released Wild Turkey Tradition. He was also very instrumental in creating Wild Turkey American Honey, which has become one of the best-selling liqueurs. He spends a great deal of time traveling the world as a goodwill ambassador for Kentucky Bourbon. A fixture in the bourbon industry for over five decades, Jimmy is now a director of the Kentucky Distillers Association.
His son Eddie Russell now follows his footsteps, but is creating a legacy all his own. Also elected to the Kentucky Bourbon Hall of Fame, he has worked at Wild Turkey for more than three decades and currently acts as Associate Distiller next to his dad. Recently he developed and launched Wild Turkey 81. Following discussions with bartenders and whiskey lovers from around the US, Eddie wanted to develop a bourbon that could be used regularly in mixed drinks and cocktails that wouldn’t be overpowered by the mixers themselves. What he developed is a whiskey that can stand up to anything a bartender can throw at it, delivering the bold Wild Turkey signature flavor every time.

Alcohol Content % :
Bottle Size : 700ML Bottle
Country Of Origin : USA