Zero Zero White Le Naturel

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ABV 0.0%
Zero Zero Le Naturel, a non-alcoholic drink bringing with it all the sensations and enjoyment of a glass of good wine. To obtain a dealcoholized wine, the wine is first made in the usual way. In the case of Le Naturel, it is a very artisan process, witha philosophy of minimal intervention. Once we have the wine, the alcohol is removed using a process that respects the aromas and flavors of the wine. Although the alcohol is eliminated, Zero Zero Le Naturel preserves the polyphenols and antioxidants, conventional wines most beneficial health components. Fewer calories are also consumed, as alcohol is the component that contributes most calories to wine.
Our R+D+i department has been researching for years to make the best dealcoholized product possible. Because our desire is for everyone who cannot (or does not want) to drink alcohol to continue toasting, tasting and enjoying a glass of white or red without the

Alcohol Content % : 0.0
Producer : Le Naturel
Features : Organic, Natural Low Intervention, and Vegan Friendly
Grape Variety : Grenache Blanc
Region : Navarra
Country Of Origin : Spain