Bulli Sampagnino Rosa

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A.B.V. 12.5%

This rosé is born from the union between the Monterosso grape variety and about 8% of Barbera grapes. It is obtained through the same production technique reserved for white wines, both in the vinification phase and in the subsequent steps, while the cut is done directly in the press: delicate crushing-destemming, separation of the juice from the skins in a low-pressure pneumatic press, static decantation of the must; cold fermentation for 15-20 days of the Monterosso grape must and the early ripening red Barbera grape, until the total depletion of the sugars in steel tanks at a controlled temperature. The bottling takes place subsequently at the end of winter with the addition of must for the second fermentation in the bottle

The wine has a rosé color with a sediment on the bottom of the bottle, which can rise during service. The acidity, the fresh notes of red grapes and the refermentation in the bottle make it a wine with a fresh, dry but slightly fruity taste thanks to the presence of red grapes, cheerful, sapid, to be tasted very fresh

Alcohol Content % : 12.5
Producer : Bulli
Features : Organic
Grape Variety :
Region : Emilia-Romagna
Country Of Origin : Italy