Bulli Sampagnino Bucco

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A.B.V. 12%

Brief maceration on the skins during the harvest, separation of the grapes from the stem and delicate pressing , separation of the juice from the skins in a low pressure pneumatic press, static decantation of the must; cold fermentation of the Monterosso grape must for 15-20 days in steel tanks at a controlled temperature, until the sugars have completely run out; bottling takes place at the end of winter with the addition of must for the second fermentation in the bottle.

Natural sparkling wine on the lees, as it once was; the short maceration gives greater tannins and a pleasantly intense orange colour. The taste is very persistent, typically fruity and amalgamated by the scent of a fine and more than natural perlage; on the nose hints of yeast, crusty bread and tropical fruits. It should be drunk chilled and, wanting to separate it from the natural sediment,  also decanted in a carafe, as the wine has a sediment on the bottom of the bottle, which can rise during service.

Alcohol Content % : 12.0
Producer : Bulli
Features : Organic
Grape Variety :
Region : Emilia-Romagna
Country Of Origin : Italy