Blood Monkey Tropical Storm Gin 700ml

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Blood Monkey Tropical Storm is our original Blood Monkey Irish Gin redistilled, so it’s now quadruple distilled! We’ve added in Fresh and Dried Mango, as well as additional Lime Leaf on it’s fouth trip through the still, to bring you summer in a glass. While others attempt to do that with sugar syrups and other nasties, Blood Monkey only use natural ingredients and punch up the flavour with additional botanicals.

Exceptionally smooth, with a bright summery flavour Blood Monkey Tropical Storm can of course be enjoyed neat, or as you like, however, we recommend you try it as a Tropical Collins, check out our cocktail section to find out how.

Like all other gins, Blood Monkey Tropical Storm can be enjoyed neat, chilled or over ice, or if you’re looking for a longer drink, we recommend pairing it with good quality soda water and a wedge of lime, and let that flavour of Mango really shine.

Alcohol Content % : 40.0
Bottle Size : 700ML Bottle
Country Of Origin : Romania