Monte Alban Mezcal 700ML

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ABV 40%
Monte Alban Mezcal is the authentic Mexican spirit with worms - the worms soaked in Mezcalare attached separately in a container that hangs around the neck of the bottle. Mezcal, often confused with Tequila, has origins traced back to the 16th century. Spanish conquistadors looking for a rum substitute began distilling an Aztec soft drink made from the agave plant. They ended up with a premium spirit called Mezcal. A similar drink was later distilled in the Tequila region, made from a different species of agave .Monte Alban is made in Mexico and distilled from the agave plant ,following centuries old tradition and technique which produces smokiness on the palate and a peppery finish. Legend says that the worm gives strength to anyone brave enough to eat it.

Alcohol Content % :
Bottle Size : 700ML Bottle
Country Of Origin : Mexico