Kikumasamune Taruzake Junmai Tokkuri 720ML

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ABV 15%

The Taruzake Junmai from Kiku-Masamune has been crafted in a dry Junmai style, meaning that it has a slightly more savoury flavour profile that comes from a reduced polishing of the rice grains. This premium sake is rested in cedar wood barrels before being filled into a bulbous flask called a tokkuri. As rounded and pleasing as the bottle it comes in, this harmonious sake can be sipped cool with sushi and sashimi, or warm on a winter night with soba noodles, yakitori or unagi. Heating will heighten the earthy wood, spice, incense, peppercorn, pine, green apple and blossom flavours.

Alcohol Content % : 15.0
Bottle Size : 720ML Bottle
Country Of Origin : Japan