Plantation Rum Stiggins Fancy Smoky Formula 700ML

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ABV 40%
The pineapple skins are manually peeled and then infused into Plantation 3 Stars White Rum, which is then distilled in a traditional copper Pot Still. In turn, the effective fruit of the pineapple is infused into Plantation Original Dark Rum. The whole of both is then combined to obtain the tropical Pineapple Rum!
For this Limited edition, however, the normal Pineapple rum underwent an extra maturation in a Blackpitts casks from Teeling, so in a heavily peated casks. This additional aging gives the rum a very special and smoky character.
Your nose will notice notes of tropical fruit including pineapple and citrus zest, a hint of cloves and a hint of dry peat. Your palate will be treated to flavors of ripe banana, pineapple, a balanced spiciness and of course the smoky character.

Alcohol Content % : 40.0
Bottle Size : 700ML Bottle
Country Of Origin : Barbados