Longueville House Apple Brandy 500ML

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ABV 40%
Longueville House Apple Brandy was first developed by the late Michael O’Callaghan back in 2000. A pioneering spirit he planted 20 acres of Dabinett and Michelin cider apples at the north-west side of the property. More recently his son William has taken over from where his father left off and had brought it to a new level.

After the crushing process, the pressed juice is naturally fermented over time, resulting in a rich amber coloured cider. This cider is poured into pot stills where it is distilled into an apple brandy. This brandy is stored in French oak barrels where it is aged for four years to mature. During the maturing process, the brandy draws out the tannins from the oak wood. The resulting brandy is rich with the aroma of apples, smooth and full bodied on the palate. It develops a rich, dark colour after four years resting in the oak barrels.
It is then bottled in 500ml glass bottle and sold as Longueville House Apple Brandy.
An ideal after dinner drink served straight up or add to coffee for a unique Irish Coffee. In warmer weather add some ice, fresh apple juice, soda water & fresh mint to a shot of brandy for a long cooling cocktail during the warm days of summer.

Alcohol Content % : 40.0
Bottle Size : 500ML Bottle
Country Of Origin : Ireland