Leitz Zero Point Five Pinot Noir

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The ZERO-POINT-FIVE Pinot Noir shows in the nose very appealing notes of red currant and cherries. You will also detect a nicely embedded tannic structure and an almost dry finish, which is remarkably long for a deaclcoholised product. This dealcoholised Pinot Noir is what we call our red masterpiece, because we´re absolutely amazed by it´s quality - we have to mention that it´s so hard, to create a Pinot Noir wine tasting wine, which is dealcoholised. We recommend pairing the ZP5 Pinot Noir with roast or game; it´s a nice option for grilled fish, or a Lamb Biryani. Enjoy life - with lesser alcohol!

Alcohol Content % : 0.5
Producer : Leitz
Features :
Grape Variety : Pinot Noir
Region :
Country Of Origin : Germany